(Power) Wagons Ho! RamZone Heads to Moab

Mopar Getting Ready for Moab. Chrysler Group LLC's fifth brand is preparing to reveal a truck-load of "Moparized" vehicles at the 44th annual Easter Jeep®  Safari in Moab, Utah which takes place from March 27 through April 4. This sketch shows the Ram PowerWagon: the full-size pickup truck of choice in a range of off-road situations.
This week marks the launch of the Moab Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, Utah and the start of one of the most amazing, awe-inspiring events in the off-roading community. Despite the name, Moab isn’t just for Jeeps and this year, Ram will be trotting out a few special edition Power Wagons to test their mettle against Utah’s harshest terrain. We’ll be kicking off our coverage as soon as our well-worn boots hit the ground on Wednesday, so be sure to check back frequently for live updates.

For those of you lucky enough to make it out to Utah, see you on the trails!

  • Mark

    Nice Power Wagon !!

    Ram Zone,any news if the 6.4 is coming for trucks ?

    Or a higher h.p HEMI,bigger Diesel,since Ford/GM upped their power…

    Yep,its alot to ask for,I know the world doesnt revolve around me……but a new SRT RAM Q.C would make me feel better,about the Ram trucks !! Or a 450+ h.p Ram 1500 Q.C Sport !! I know..I know..

    Also,a fellow Dodge truck owner asked me if it now the is it RAM TRUCK division by Dodge ?

  • Wyatt


    The latest news, from what I have seen, stated the 6.4 is no longer intended for the Rams.

    The Cummins is staying put at its current power levels until Cummins can master its new ignition style for it motors. With the new tech, Cummins will be able to run without the use of UREA and DPFs.

    A SRT Ram could be in the works, if they just decide to drop the new 6.4 in the Ram R/T. But don’t hold your breath.

    Also the latest news I have heard is that Dodge and Ram are going to be cutting the cord. Evidently Sergio thinks Ram is a stong enough devision to run on its own.

  • Mark


  • Chad

    Wrong, Mark, the Ram brand is still a division off Dodge. Here is a quote from the Allpar website: “Fred Diaz, head of the Ram brand, told Allpar today that the Ram brand would remain officially a part of Dodge, using the Dodge VIN code, and would always have the Dodge emblem inside and outside the cars. More of the interview will appear tomorrow on allpar.com. He reiterated the need to separate the trucks from the cars, because the new Dodge brand attributes of “hip, cool, young, and energetic” would not fit campaigns for truck buyers, and the cars and trucks will be marketed with different themes. He praised Sam Elliott’s voice overs in the Ram commercials, while noting that Elliott wouldn’t work in a Dodge campaign (where the “voice of Dexter” has been praised).

    Diaz also said that the “lifestyle Dakota” would be under the Ram brand; “if it has a bed, it’s a Ram.” More from the interview, including a discussion of the Class 4 and 5 trucks, possible Class A trucks, and the Dakota, will be published at allpar tomorrow.” Dodge did the same thing in the 1980s. It had the Dodge Cars division and the Dodge Trucks division. C’mon people its only marketing! The Ram is still proudly a Dodge and Fred Diaz himself said “The Ram will always and forever be a Dodge.” It’s just marketed to a different crowd (as it should be)

  • Mark

    Yep, this is confusing alot of people !! Great trucks though !!

  • Carson Murray

    I heard a rumor that Dodge may be discontinuing the Power Wagon trim package this year or next and it would no longer be available. Has anyone else heard this? I hope they don’t. I want one but can not afford one at this time. I appreciate any info anyone can give me. Thanks!

  • Canny

    Brand, maybe you could help me with a clear definition of what the RAM brand stands for and the attributes that help define who a RAM owner is?