Three Things Not to Be Without This Winter

Ram 1500 in snowscape

Given the potential for several more weeks of wintry conditions, we want to remind you that in the winter months especially, it’s always best to be prepared. Here are three items you never want to leave home without:


Ice Scraper and Snow Brush

Oh, sure — in a pinch, a credit card will work as an ice scraper. Barely. But trust us: Try that lame gimmick just once, and from that moment on, you’ll promise yourself to keep a real scraper on board. A stiff, heavy scraper with a snow brush on the other end is indispensable in foul weather. Stow one away and never let it leave the vehicle, so you’ll know it’s always there.


Windshield Washer Fluid

There’s nothing quite as aggravating — and sometimes, as downright hazardous — as running out of windshield washer fluid halfway to your destination. If you’re off-roading or plowing, your windshield can quickly be clouded with salt, snow, and/or mud. You’ve got enough on your mind without wondering how much fluid is left in the reservoir. Keep an extra gallon in the back seat or RamBox, and you’ll know you always have more if you need it.


Extra Pair of Gloves

Scraping ice from windows in your bare hands can be an unpleasant — even painful — task. The heated steering wheel in your Laramie Longhorn doesn’t do you much good when you’re outside clearing your windows. And one pair of gloves can quickly get soaked all the way through. If you keep an extra pair in the glove box (ah! so that’s why they call it a glove box!), you can be sure of keeping your hands warm and dry, which is a far more comfortable way to drive. And those extra gloves don’t have to be anything fancy, either — an inexpensive pair of work or garden gloves will do just fine. Chances are it’s a good idea to keep an extra set around anyway. You never know when you’ll need them. Even in warm weather.


These three items could prove invaluable for winter driving. Maybe you have some ideas, too. What do you never leave home without? Share your winter driving tips with us on Facebook