How Many Jill Ciminillo’s Fit in a RamBox®?

It was the question on everyone’s mind at the Chicago Auto Show: Will auto writer Jill Ciminillo fit inside a RamBox®? And the answer, as you can see from the photo, is absolutely – and amazingly – yes. 

Ciminillo is an auto journalist and blogger at Drive, She Said, and for her trademark antics of climbing into trucks, storage compartments, and now the RamBox®, Ciminillo has become a unit of measure. “I’m 1.5 cubic feet,” she said. “That’s one Ciminillo.”

Ciminillo has recently been coercing fellow writers and auto enthusiasts to join her, and has gained notoriety with her Twitter handle, @girlinthetrunk. “I’ve been a serious journalist, but I want to have fun.” She said. “How many boring auto pics can you see, really? Let’s do something fun.”

RamZone was happy to point out that the RamBox® does maintain a consistent temperature, and it does have an interior escape mechanism, just in case. Ciminillo put it best herself, “Every RamBox® I get into, it’s a great time.”

For more on Ciminillo, a car girl who loves to drive fast, write well and write well fast about driving, visit, and follow her on Twitter at @jill_ciminillo.