Fred Diaz Talks of “Turning the Industry Upside Down”

The Ram display at Detroit’s North American International Auto Show doesn’t just have the best trucks and the most jaw-dropping display — it also has Ram President and CEO Fred Diaz, eager to talk about the new brand’s offerings. “From top-to-bottom, we are serious truck contenders with a serious world-class product,” Diaz says in the video. “I also want people to understand that although we will market and brand our Ram trucks as Ram trucks, they will always and forever be Dodges,” he adds. “They’ll always be VINed as a Dodge, and somewhere either on the exterior or the interior of the truck, you’ll always be able to see the Dodge logo and the Dodge name.”

  • Mark

    I sure hope it will always be a DODGE..

    I do feel better that it will forever remain a DODGE..

    Now I can proudly still say I own and drive a DODGE truck..

  • dy

    That is the sickest picture I have ever seen. I have a dodge ram 1500 with the 5.7l hemi and it is the best truck i have ever bought. I have been through numerous cars and trucks like fords and chevys and dodges are clearly the best trucks on the road. The best pick up, towing capacity, and comfort. parking it is also very easy and it is a very enjoyable truck to drive. probably the smartest thing i have ever done. Thank you dodge for making such an amazing vehicle, i will be buying many more in the future.

  • ramzone

    Dy and Mark, thanks for your support!

  • Chad Westmoreland

    Here’s a great idea for the Dakota replacement and upcoming Vans…. Take a trip back to the 70s/80s.First of all the small truck should be called the Ram 50. Why? Well Ram Dakota (or Ram anything) just doesn’t sound right….The full size trucks are already just called Ram 1500,2500,3500, etc. The Ram 50 would make a great fill in the gap, plus it has instant name recognition for the basic, tough, ultra reliable compact truck from the 80s. Offer it in regular, extended and crew cab. Offer it in a basic no frills work truck version (I’m talking four cylinder, manual transmission, crank windows, etc) as well as a loaded v-6 version, maybe even a diesel option….4×4 and 4×2. There are plenty of us out there that want a tough, basic no frills small work truck that is affordable. Like the Ram 50 of the 80s. Or heck if you must make it a unibody (we truckers really wish you wouldn’t) then look back at the 80s Jeep Comanche pickup. Now that was another tough little truck! Give us choices!!!
    Now for the vans…Again take a trip back to the 80s and simply call it the Ram Van. I’m not sure about the name for the small van (maybe Ram Van 50?), but call the full size ones simply Ram Van 1500,2500,3500, etc like the pickups. I must stress we need REAL vans to compete with the Ford Econoline and Chevrolet Express! That means body on frame, rear drive (and 4wd be the first!). Not just cargo vans, but passenger vans and even conversion vans like Ford and GM offer. Again CHOICES!!!! How about a Ram truck based SUV??? Ramcharger anyone? 2 and 4 door. CHOICES!!!!

  • ramzone

    Thanks for such a thorough comment, Chad!

  • Jon

    I would like to see Dodge use the body of the Caravan from 10 years ago (that was the best looking van) and put it on a Dakota 4×4 frame. A 4×4 van that isn’t so tall that you would expect it to fall over when it leans left or right but has the room and layout of a van. I’d build it myself if I could, but since I can’t, could you guys at the factory put one together for me?