Five Non-Driving Uses for Your RAM, Summer Edition

The long days of summer are nearly upon us. RAM fans know what that means—outdoor fun and camping on the weekends. And the best part is you get to take your RAM truck along.

Here are five great summertime uses for your RAM, besides driving and looking good in it, that is.

1. Tailgate buffet table – It’s a fact, food tastes better when you eat it outside, around a campfire in particular. But let’s face it, the great outdoors isn’t the easiest place to host a potluck. Not a problem with the RAM’s heavy-duty makeshift buffet table. Flip down the tailgate, stack up the burgers, and let the feast begin. Pass the ketchup someone!

2. Backwoods mobile stereo system – Whether you’re chopping wood, grilling burgers (see number 1), or just sitting by the fire with a couple of your buds, any activity is better with music or the ballgame on, especially when it’s delivered in crystal clear quality through the Alpine speakers of your RAM truck. Just be sure to fire up the engine now and then.

3. Best seats in the house – It’s just not summer without a 4th of July fireworks display. Rather than fight the crowds for a small corner of a dusty field somewhere, why not stake your claim to the best seats in the house—in the back of your RAM parked on a nearby hill!

4. Giant flash light – When evening comes, the RAM Dual Halo LED Projector Headlights* will shed light on any situation, be it a tent that needs building or the last inning of a winner-take-all whiffle ball game with the neighborhood kids.

5. RAM-sized mattress – Warm nights, clear skies, a million stars. Do yourself a favor and this summer spend at least one night in the back of your RAM. Sure you might need an air mattress, but the huge 8-foot bed is more than enough room to sleep comfortably “out under the stars.”

Did we miss any? What non-driving summer uses have you found for your RAM?

* Standard on Sport, Laramie and Longhorn