Great Trucks to Benefit Great Causes | Ram Jam Auction Schedule

Now that the Ram Jam concert is over (see the official recap here), it’s time we turn our attention to the auction side of things. And we couldn’t be happier to do so. As much as we enjoyed watching five of the biggest country music stars do their thing on stage in Nashville last week, we’re more excited to auction off the Ram rigs each has been driving for the last year. Why? It’s not because we don’t like music—hardly!—it’s because five great charities stand to benefit from the auction.

RamZone readers interested in the nitty-gritty details of the upcoming eBay auction should read the auction terms. For the auction schedule, see below. Please note that clicking each performer’s name will bring you to the RamZone post highlighting that particular performer’s charity.

  • 1/22 – 02/01, 2013: Kellie Pickler Truck launching and ending at 4PM (PDT)
  • 2/05 – 2/15, 2013: Brantley Gilbert Truck launching and ending at 4PM (PDT)
  • 2/19 – 3/01, 2013: Billy Currington Truck launching and ending at 4PM (PDT)
  • 3/05 – 3/15, 2013: Zac Brown Truck launching and ending at 4PM (PDT)
  • 3/18 – 3/28, 2013: Easton Corbin Truck launching and ending at 4PM (PDT)

Stay tuned to RamZone or the official Ram Facebook page for the auction URLs, which we will post just as soon as they become available.