BusinessLink – Your One Stop Commercial Vehicle Center!

When it’s your job to provide service trucks to local small businesses, you need to be an expert in your field. Mike Phillips, of West Motor Company in Preston, Idaho, understands that calling. He works specifically through the BusinessLink program, pairing small businesses with the trucks they need to hit the road and keep their livelihoods thriving. Mike’s vocation is to discover his clients’ needs and match that to the trucks on his lot. Need to tow drainage and sewer equipment like Darin Coats (of Coats & Coats, LLC)? Mike has you covered; he thoroughly upfits his customers’ Ram trucks based on towing capability, power requirements and storage needs. It’s the job of his dealership to develop relationships with his clients, matching them with the Ram truck that will help them achieve the highest possible quality of business. It’s not just enough for him to sell them a few trucks here or there, he goes out of his way to upfit every single Ram truck that leaves his lot, creating the perfect work vehicle every time. Take a look at the video below to see what a few local businesses have to say about both him and the BusinessLink program, and check out our website to learn more at