Ammo & Attitude: Season Premiere

Mud and dirt, rain, hail, snow and floods: These are the elements that man, when all his comforts are removed, faces. It’s a guy’s job to meet these elements head on and come out the other end. We see it all the time – there are countless reality T.V. shows dedicated to a man facing the wild and surviving. Well, on Ammo and Attitude the girls get to give it a go and Ram trucks, as an official sponsor, is here to show the ladies some support.


With the upcoming season of Ammo and Attitude upon us, we took a little time out with Executive Producer and CEO of the Shipman Agency, Stephanie Shipman, to discuss Season Two and to see how she enjoyed Ram trucks participation.


Stephanie tells us that she discovered the need for women to be represented in outdoor survival T.V., which is what inspired her to create Ammo and Attitude—a reality program that she makes analogous to a cross between Survivor and The Apprentice. The program challenges its female contestants with various survival situations, and naturally, it sprinkles a little competition into the mix as a contestant is forced to leave the show each week, finally boiling down to a winner.


The primary focus of Ammo and Attitude is to empower women to compete and survive in the outdoors. They are presented with challenges from rock climbing to hunting to meet that goal. Stephanie says it this way: “Just because we’re out in the wilderness doesn’t mean we’re trying to be the man, we’re just as strong, but in a different way. They [the contestants] are able to do it with grace and dignity.”


Stephanie expressed how privileged the team was to have Ram trucks with it. She said, “I love Ram, these trucks perform better than anything we’ve seen. In Season Two we had hail, mudslides, floods[…] the strength and grace of these Rams was just incredible. Inside they are so luxurious. Love the new Ram Box for this year. You can put anything in there. They ride like the wind, no matter what type of weather.”


Here at Ram we are looking forward to this season of Ammo and Attitude, we’re excited to see who comes out on top, and of course, we’re even more excited to be a part of it.


  • Jo

    Hope the show gets better; slow and vague for a premiere.