The Stirrings of RAM Style

In the mid-1950s, a revolution was stirring in the American truck market. Consumers discovered that pickups were good for more than farm and business; they also made ideal everyday commuters and weekend fun haulers. Two-vehicle families began to arise, and often, one of the vehicles was a truck. The personal pickup was born.

Naturally, at this point buyers were demanding more fashion and comfort than traditional trucks could provide, and Dodge RAM responded with the ’57 Sweptside pickup. Passenger car-style rear fenders were bolted onto the standard cargo box, while two-tone paint, flashy interior materials, and a powerful 315ci V8 completed the makeover.

The tacked-on tailfins create a fabulous jet-age look, helping to make these extremely rare pickups (total production unknown) highly prized among collectors. The Sweptside represents one small step toward the RAM Trucks of today, which offer all the style and luxury features of traditional family sedans – and more.

  • CatawbaScott

    The rear side panels were quarter panels from a 1957 Dodge two door station wagon.

  • Bradlers

    Chrysler NEEDS to bring back the “POWER WAGON” from the late 1940s through the early 1960s. Chrysler needs to make a no-holds barred version of the 1949 style Power Wagon completely updated with modern technology. The Power Wagon is a virtual ICON in the trucking world. It is THE precursor to the modern day pickup truck – only on steroids! It is the greatest truck in that genre ever made – bar none!