Ram Helps Write New Chapter of American Heartland History

Last weekend, an estimated 55,000 bright shining young faces converged on the Indiana Convention Center to celebrate the 83rd annual National FFA Convention. Among those 55,000 agricultural stars of tomorrow were a few stars of today, all standing proudly under the Ram Truck banner. As diehard supporters of the farming industry, it only seemed natural for us to throw our efforts behind America’s future and we were proud to serve as the official FFA sponsor. As much as we loved sharing our passion, the students seemed to enjoy indulging it and there was heavy foot traffic around our displays. Between the enthusiastic swarms around our show trucks, the seemingly endless line at our video game station, and the eager hands literally grabbing at the chance to participate in the Letters for Lyrics campaign, our crew barely got a chance to breathe. Luckily, at some point in the midst of the madness we managed to break free long enough to record all of the excitement (or most of it – hey, we’re only human).

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  • Flavio.RAM

    Great Great…lol…Live RAM TRUCKS


    I was at the airport the other day…A Ram commercial came on and the people beside me had no idea what a Ram was..the Lady thought it was a Toyota the Guy thought it was a GM product (GMC RAM)…As of course… I was listening to them,then started to talk to them,turns out they were in the market for a new truck (Ford/Acura owners)..told them about the Ram/Dodge brand identity crisis,they thought they would either buy a GM or Ford again..They were not to confident about the Ram is/isnt a Dodge…..just wonder how many others feel this way,as it is a hot truck,award winning…just odd its advertised as a non Dodge…very odd..talk about shooting yourself in the foot !!! Losing sales because of this…This is by a loyal Mopar owner,still to this day I found nobody who thinks it is a good idea,even people who couldnt care about vehicles..They all think its very,very odd,as do I..as do I…..