Kicking off Memorial Day with History

A hundred and fifty years ago, brother fought against brother, neighbor against neighbor. A nation imploded, divided by a conflict so great that, to this day, it defines the very thread of the United States. That conflict would become one the greatest wars fought on American soil, the Civil War.


In commemoration of the battles fought and lives lost, Ram Truck is teaming up with HISTORY to examine the roots of the Civil War. This look into our country’s history kicks off Memorial Day 2011, premiering with a two-hour feature on Gettysburg, directed by Ridley Scott and Tony Scott. We understand the importance of knowing our history, and as poet and philosopher George Santayana once said: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”


Ram Truck is also proud to participate in the continual effort of preserving our past and protecting our future by joining with HISTORY to invite all Americans to contribute to the Give 150 initiative, which raises funding for the preservation of Civil War battlefields and sites. Be watching Memorial Day as the commemoration begins.