1981 Dodge Power Ram Royal SE W150

The Ram hood ornament made its debut in 1981, which is also when the Ram name was born. Now over 30 years later we still love our Ram hood ornament, and we’re still asking the same question as the snowmobilers pictured in the background:  Where is the snow already?

The first-generation Ram Trucks kept the Dodge model designations: “D” for two-wheel drive and “W” or “Power Ram” for four-wheel drive. The number 150 indicates a half ton haul rating, and, as with previous Dodge pickups, the new generation of Ram came available in standard, extended and crew cab, and classic Utiline or Sweptline bed styles.

Other noteworthy updates included rust-resistant sheet metal, bulging fenders, larger grille, updated instrument panel and custom trim levels – in this case, the top-of-the-line Royal SE with bright exterior trim, leather-wrapped steering wheel, and oil pressure and engine temperature gauges.

Read more about the 1981 Dodge Power Ram Royal SE W150 at Edmunds.com, and hope for snow.


  • Degoragon

    I Have a 1981 Power Ram, except mine is a Custom SE, not a Royal SE.

    • Degoragon

      Here she is