The history of RAM Trucks spans nearly a century, from the legacy of the Dodge Brothers and Graham Brothers to the legendary Dodge Power Wagon and HEMI-powered RAM pickups.

Ram Trucks Heritage | 1970 Dodge D100 Adventurer

It’s tough to believe that over 40 years have passed since the 1970 Dodge D100 Adventurer ruled the road with its Slant-6 engine, four-section chrome grille and wood grain tailgate. As part of the iconic D series (1961-80), the 1970 … Read More >>

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Ram Trucks Heritage | 1948 Power Wagon

The Ram Power Wagon has been powering American workers for more than six decades, muscling through any challenge in its path. The 1948 Power Wagon (pictured) flexes that muscle in both performance and appearance. Influenced by its military predecessors, the … Read More >>

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Ram Trucks Heritage: The Fighting Trucks Era

With the bombing of Pearl Harbor in 1941, the United States was hurled into war on two fronts. The American government had a sudden need for war materials, and Chrysler answered the call. While most of the press talked about … Read More >>

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Ram Trucks Heritage | 1940 Dodge Pickup Brochure

Ram Trucks has been going to work with farmers, contractors and workers who need to haul heavy loads for nearly a century. Generation after generation, Guts & Glory have been built into our trucks. Check out this vintage ad from … Read More >>

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Ram Trucks Vintage Photo Friday | Part V (1981–1987)

We don’t always believe the cliché that all good things must come to an end. For example, you’re not likely to see us back off anytime soon on the kind of rigorous product testing (a very good thing!) that has … Read More >>

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