Year of the Farmer Photo Book Contest: Deadline for Entry Is October 3

Telling the complete story of the American farm – and, more importantly, the American farmer – is not a task that can be completed by just one person, by just one organization or by just one company. The fact is that it would take almost as many individual voices as there are individual farmers to create a picture that even comes close to representing in all its rich detail and humanness the reality of farms and farming in the United States.

Nonetheless, it’s a story that deserves telling, and Ram Trucks was going to find a way to tell it. Our solution (part of it, at least): The Ram Trucks Year of Farmer Photo Book contest.

Ram Trucks is reminding you that you have until October 3, 2013, to enter a photo for your chance to win prizes and to lend your unique perspective to an online photo gallery of farming life that grows larger by the day. See the gallery for yourself, and then be sure to upload the photo of your own that you feel best represents what it means to be a farmer in this day and age.

Please note that the photographers of the best images will be rewarded for their good eye. Here’s how to participate:

  1. Upload your image to Instagram or Twitter with the hashtags #KeepPlowing or #GodMadeAFarmer.
  2. Click the link from Ram Trucks in your Instagram photo comments or Twitter direct messages.
  3. Find your photo in our online gallery by searching for your Instagram username or Twitter handle.
  4. Click “Claim Image” and complete the registration for a chance to win.

Visit the online gallery now for inspiration, and good luck to all who participate.

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    When did they decide the winners?