Women & Trucks – A Ram Infographic

The old saying goes that behind every great man is a great woman. True as that may be, we have a slightly different take on things – behind the wheel of every great Ram, there is often a woman who makes the truck even better.

We know that not just men are in the market for trucks. We know too that some women have their own very specific reasons for purchasing them. What it comes down to for many is finding the perfect blend of beauty and power, and, as evident in the infographic below, nowhere is that blend more balanced than in one of our Ram Trucks.

  • Allana Kondisko

    I love my Ram 1500…it has style,comfort and it is well built. I can haul my horses,come home,clean up and go to dinner and it looks great !

  • I LOVE my Ram trucks!!
    The VERY BEST truck on the road.
    Silly boys, trucks are for girls! 😉

    • Kelly womble

      I have that Sticker on the back of my truck..

      • Kelly womble

        i also have Put on Ur Big Girl Panty’s and Deal with it 🙂

      • i have the same sticker as well

  • Harald

    I love my ram,because:it`s the american Way of Life

  • I want this truck!

  • Kelly womble

    I love my Truck Because when I was Re Ended by another Dodge I Was Not Hurt . The Damage on my Truck was 5 grande in repairers. He didn`t Fare as good as i did. He hit me so hard that he pushed my bed into the back of my cab. i Do have 2 say that i Do Not Like the New body Styles i Personally think that they are Ugly., Please Get Rid of the Box and I will Buy a New One.. By the way My Truck is an 05 SLT. I have Picks on my Face Book

  • Have a 96 Ram 1500. 237,000 miles, still running strong. Love my faithful old Dodge

  • I love my Ram Hemi!! Its black, beautiful, tough and fast!

  • SuziQ63

    Someday soon I hope, need that job first though, LOL

  • blkqueentech

    i’ve had my “HE=HEMI” since 2011. LUUUUVVV IT! I wanted it 5 years prior to my purchase–had to wait to retire to get it. Now, I am a Ram-Driving-Granny who gets looks from men, like I’m a Cougar!

  • I love seeing a woman driving a truck especially a DODGE

  • i love my ram truck…thats my baby…i cherish it everyday

  • Mrs. Kelly u sound like one smart woman

  • I love seeing a woman driving a truck especially a DODGE

  • Steve

    they look for a Man with a Job driving the truck

  • crw

    I have a 06 ram Laramie 1500 3 inch lift 35 tires. She is a beauty

  • Ram Zone

    Happy to see all the great responses to our infographic. Keep them coming!

  • NurseHEMI

    Just traded in my 2012 RAM black Quad Cab 1500 for a new 2012 RAM Crew Cab Sport white1500. Just added flowmaster 10’s….REALLY love my HEMI now!! Need tinted windows and a lift!!