Winter Gear for Ram Trucks | 10 Must-Haves

Winter is coming, and the new 2013 Ram 1500 with available four-wheel drive is ready to meet the snowy roads head-on. The question is: will you have your truck loaded with all the cold-weather gear you need? Here are a few recommendations to make sure you’re ready for work or play—no matter where the snowy roads will take you.

1. Snow Tires: For when the rubber meets the road … or in this case, the snow. Prepare your Ram truck for winter with new snow tires from your nearest Mopar service center. They have the treads you need to keep you plowing ahead this season.

2. Tow Strap: Not everyone is fortunate enough to have four-wheel drive. But some drivers are fortunate to find a Good Samaritan in a Ram Truck when they’re stuck in the snow. Come to the rescue of these shivering, stranded souls.

3. Shovel: Shovels can come in handy in a couple ways. If you’re towing a fellow motorist (see #2) you might need to dig through a bit of snow before you can hook up. Plus, you never know when someone will need help clearing their sidewalk.

4. Bag of Salt or Sand: When you’re done shoveling, toss down some salt or sand. If you’re going to do a good deed, do it right.

5. Jumper Cables: How many times have you come across a fellow motorist with a dead battery? Keep a set of jumper cables handy and be a parking lot hero.

6. Blanket: Winter weather means winter sports—hockey, snowmobiling and snowshoeing to name just a few. When it’s your turn to sit on the sidelines, it’s good manners to bring a blanket for your sweetie.

7. Ice Scraper: Ever spend a winter morning removing snow with your hand? When the snowbelts of the Midwest dump a pile of ice and snow on your truck, it’s best to have planned ahead.

8. Flashlight: Flashlights are essential for work and for play. Just because there’s less daylight in winter doesn’t mean you won’t be outside working, or hunting or fishing. You need to be able to find your way around in the dark.

9. Multi-Purpose Tool: Ram Truck drivers know how to get the job done, whatever the job may be. And that means you need to be versatile: first-aid, fishing, pencil sharpening—it’s amazing what a good knife can do in the right hands.

10. Coffee Mug and Thermos: Winter is all about staying warm. On the job site or in an ice fishing shanty, be prepared with coffee, soup or hot chocolate, as you please.

Work or play, your Ram Truck is ready to get you through winter. Get your official Ram gear at What are your must-haves for when the snow flies?

  • snow tires and chains. then u load sleeping bag. water, flashlight, flares, emergency triangle road sign. then straps, chains r ropes. and most of all a charger for ur cell phone. if living in the north take electric socks and fresh 9 volt batteries. and a good extra set of winter clothes in ur truck.

  • Matthew Henderson

    Just found out I cant have any type of chain or cable on my brand new Ram 1500. incredibly disappointed , kids are crying because we’re at a cabin in the mountains for Christmas… and can’t go up the road to play in the snow.
    Why on earth would you design a truck, that can’t drive in the snow??