Turn up your radio and listen to RAM Brand President & CEO, Fred Diaz!

Fred Diaz, RAM Brand President & CEO, appeared recently on The Revolution with Jim & Trav, a popular radio show and podcast geared toward the outdoor enthusiast in all of us.

In case you missed it, here’s a second chance to listen in as Fred talks all things RAM, including the brand’s unprecedented 24-month streak of year over year sales growth, the popular television spot Tommy and the RAM, and even a few of the exciting new features to be found on the new 2013 RAM 1500.

Speaking of the ‘13, Jim and Trav seemed particularly spellbound by the Active Air Suspension system. Hear exactly what about this innovation has the radio hosts so excited—all you have to do is click play on the radio player below.

RAM Trucks is a proud sponsor of the Revolution with Jim & Trav.