Truck Tech: Which Uconnect® System Is Right for You?

With an array of cutting-edge technologies in the cab of your Ram Truck, it can be hard to determine which of our high-tech Uconnect® systems is right for your needs. Each system has distinct features that make it perfect for our owners.

Whether you’re driving a Tradesmen on the jobsite or traveling cross-country in your Laramie Longhorn, you’ll have the perfect entertainment option at your fingertips. Let’s take a look at what makes each system stand out.

2013 Ram Uconnect 8.4AN/RA4

Our top-of-the-line entertainment system includes an 8.4-inch touchscreen. This feature-packed system includes HD Radio, AM/FM, AUX+USB, SC Card Support, iPod® Mobile Device Integration, Bluetooth, Handsfree Calling, Voice Text Reply, Voice Command, Full Feature Nav with 3-D, Integrated Center Stack, Personalization Settings, Speed Adjusted Volume, SiriusXM Radio, SiriusXM Traffic, and SiriusXM Travel Link. These features allow you to have your media not only at your fingertips, but at voice command too.


2013 Ram Uconnect 8.4A/RA3

This system offers the same great 8.4-inch touch screen with more a streamlined set of features. You’ll still get awesome voice- and touch-command features, but won’t have access to our Full Feature Nav with 3-D, HD Radio, SiriusXM Traffic, or SiriusXM Travel Link. It’s still a powerful system that can offer tons of entertainment options.


2013 Ram Uconnect 5.0/RA2

Our Uconnect 5.0 system offers a vivid 5-inch touch screen complemented by surrounding navigation buttons. It offers many of the same great features as our 8.4-inch systems, but with added simplicity for those who would like a more basic entertainment option. With the Uconnect 5.0, you won’t have access to HD Radio, SD Card Support, Full Feature Nav with 3-D or any of our SiriusXM services. However, you’ll still have powerful touch- and voice-command options to keep your hands on the wheel while you’re on the road.

Uconnect 5.0-RA2

2013 Ram Uconnect 3.0/RA1

If you’re looking for an entertainment option that is straightforward and simple, the Uconnect 3.0 is for you. Its three-line text display and knob operations offer a great option for your work-truck needs. The 3.0 keeps it simple, offering AM/FM, AUX+USB, iPod® Mobile Device Integration, and Speed Adjusted Volume—just the right amount of features for a hardworking truck. This is the ultimate in pure simplicity.


Whether you’re looking for feature-filled or straightforward and simple, Uconnect has a system for you. To learn more about Ram Uconnect, head over to for a full list of service options and features.

  • CES

    I think if you made the 5.0 hardware look more like the FIATs 5.0 hardware it would be a more popular choice.
    Right now the 5.0 looks too cheap, especially for a truck that costs mid 30s.

  • Mike’s 2013 Big Horn

    I’m seeking urgent info on an important question, a particular concern I have with Uconnect Access. Is it hackproof? If I can be able to remotely unlock or start my spanking new Ram truck, after registering, via use of a computer or readily available smartphone…then will a thief also be able to do so?

  • BobbyTang

    I don’t know why it is so hard to find online, but does anyone have information on the uconnect Radio 3.0 RA1 unit? I am trying to find out what kind of power output it makes rms/total/per channel, it’s a 6 speaker setup in my 2016 ram 1500 and the factory speakers are already crackling, I need to replace with better than stock speakers, any help would be greatly appreciated as I can plan out what speakers to order. Thanks!