The Wheel Deal: The Right Size Wheel for your Ram Truck

Ram-Trucks-wheelsWe all know that wheel selection makes a huge difference when it comes to the appearance of your truck. What’s important to remember is that wheel size also has a major effect on performance. Let’s take a look at what wheel option might be right for your next Ram truck.

17-Inch Argent Steel Wheel

This wheel is the workhorse of the Ram Trucks lineup. Steel wheels are great when ultimate durability and strength are required. If you plan to use your truck off-road, steel wheels are a great choice. The improved strength and malleability of the wheel help prevent chipping while decreasing the chance of bending, resulting in wobble. The smaller wheel size also allows for larger tire options, making steel wheels ideal for off-road applications. Steel wheels are also great for heavy-duty trucks that will be towing or hauling heavy loads.

17-Inch Aluminum Wheel

Our 17-inch aluminum wheel offers a lighter option for your work truck. Capitalizing on many of the same great features of our steel wheel, our aluminum wheel adds additional corrosion and weight benefits. An aluminum wheel is not recommend for very heavy loads or intense off-roading, but can be a great option for your Tradesmen, SLT or Outdoorsman Ram Truck. Seventeen-inch steel wheels are also an available option for our 2500 and 3500 dual rear wheel trucks.

18-inch Steel Wheel

The 18-inch steel wheel available on our 2500 and 3500 trucks shares similar characteristics with the 17-inch wheel available on the Ram 1500. The larger size accounts for the difference in stance and tire options in our Heavy Duty lineup.

20-inch Aluminum Wheel

If you’re looking to make a bit more of a statement with your wheel choice, our 20-inch aluminum wheel can be a great bold accent. It’s important to note that there are certain handling and performance characteristics that change when you upgrade to a larger diameter wheel. While the effect is less pronounced in trucks, 20-inch wheels are heavier and have an effect on the unsprung weight felt by the suspension. They can also have some impact on ride and handling when compared with a 17-inch wheel. However, thanks to the four-corner air suspension in our Ram 1500, the difference should be almost unnoticeable.

All of our wheel selections come in a variety of color and finish options that can ensure you have the perfect look for your truck. To learn more about our wheel options, visit

  • Martin LeBlanc

    can I use 18 inch wheels on a 2014 Ram 1500 sport? I already have the tires and I am hoping to use them…

  • Virginia

    Can we switch from 20 inch rims to 17 inch rims on our 2014 Dodge Ram 1500 Big Horn?

    • Raymond Diaz

      I’m wondering the same thing, any answers out there. Before I spend a bunch of money, help please !!

  • Eric Johnson

    I have a 2013 Ram 2500 HD diesel which came with 17″ rims. I would like to upsize to 18″ rims and tires. Will this adversely impact my ability to tow a fifth wheel travel trailer?

  • John Thomas

    Hello everybody I have the 17″ wheels on my 13 ram .probably by the end of the year I’m looking to change tires. I’m looking at one to two sizes bigger in an all terrain . The truck is a quad cab 1500 trades man , v6 8speed with a 3.55 gear . How much change should I notice in the performance of the truck . And do I need the computer flashed/up dated for the larger tires?

  • ED

    On the Ram 1500 I think the “20” inch wheels make the truck look “WIMPY” also any Tire for those “20” inch Rims will be very expensive !!!! The “17” inch alluminum rims look so much better especially with some BF Goodrich TA/KO’s or General Grabbers or Goodyear WRANGLERS.

  • Doug

    So I’m wondering if I can put 19″ dodge journey rims on my ram? I’ve tried looking but can’t seem to find anything? I have 17″ x7″ on there now.

  • Gianni Di Luka

    What about 15″ wheels for 2012 Ram 1500 ? if the answer is no they don’t fit, please explain why..thanks