The New 2013 Ram 1500 – It’s All in the Details

With just a glance and from far away, two different brands of trucks might look vaguely similar. After all, both share general “truck” characteristics—the requisite bed and tailgate, decent ground clearance, four wheels, an engine, and a cab.

However, the closer you look the more details you see. Upon further inspection it turns out that what at first looked like two similar trucks are in reality just the opposite. One is merely adequate, nothing to write home about. The other is a Ram.

This experience is one we tried to echo in It’s All in the Details, a new photo hunt game that you can play by visiting the tab on Ram’s official Facebook page. The object of the game is easy: You’ll be given two similar-looking pictures, a time limit, and the chance to win a novelty Ram license plate. Your task is to study the pictures and then identify the differences between them, which are not always so apparent.

It’s funny, though. Once you start to see the differences, you can’t unsee them. The same is true with the new 2013 Ram 1500 compared to its competition—once you begin to see how Ram is better, it’s hard not to see it everywhere you look.