Strength Evolved: New 2013 Ram 1500 Video Spotlight—“Love on the Inside”

Get comfortable. This week we launch the third in our seven-part Strength Evolved video series. This one stars Ryan Nagode, Ram Interior Design Chief—check that, this one stars the refined, inviting interior of the new 2013 Ram 1500.

Truck interiors used to be an afterthought. The old perception was that trucks were for tough guys and tough guys had little need for comfort in their trucks. At Ram, we don’t think about it that way. Our goal is to reward hardworking Ram drivers with a comfortable truck in which they want to spend their time.

See what comfort looks like in the video below.

  • Eric Nerenberg

    I just viewed “Sanctuary” on the interior of the new Ram. I just wanted to puke! Such drivel! I don’t know how big the guy was in the video but he looked cramped inside that truck. The reason I bought an ’08 Ram over an ’09 Ram was because the ’08 had much more room in it. The ’13 model looks like it has much less room than the ’09. The pictures of the interior make me believe it is cramped as all get go. To hell with the materials, if I can’t get comfortable especially after a hard days work what’s the use of buying one of these? The most important things for me are leg room, hip room, shoulder room and head room. Get thise right and you’ll have a winner. Looks like Ram got it wrong again. Also the “shifter” knob. Why didn’t you put it directly above the start button? And why can’t I manually choose a gear other than drive? If I’m stuck in the mud or snow being able to choose a higher gear (lower numerically) enables me to have a better chance of getting out the situation especially with 8 gears which I am sure the lowest 3 are numerically higher to compensate for the lower numerically gears in the rear end that are put in for mileage.

    • Luckymckay21

       You do have access to all 8 gears with the new transmission. The gear selector buttons are located on the steering wheel above the cruise control buttons. Interior dimensions are also the exact same as the 2009-2012 Ram trucks. Center console was slightly redesigned, but there is still the option for split bench seating same as before.

    • Nate den Hollander

      you are able to adjust the seats, you do know that right? and also, this is a video. it  is very difficult to see scale properly when you are not physical in the truck. so before you go nuts, just go test drive one/sit in one, and then evaluate