Strength Evolved: New 2013 RAM 1500 Video Spotlight: Fuel Efficiency – “The Road to 25 Miles Per Gallon”

If you’re the kind of hardworking man or woman who drives a truck, then it’s a safe bet you know a thing or two about sacrifice. Chances are you put in long hours on the job, working overtime and double shifts, sacrificing time at home to provide a good life for your family. Even when the weekend comes around, you probably sacrifice much of it to doing chores around the homestead.

Ram respects that kind of sacrifice. But there’s another kind we don’t believe in. We don’t believe that a good truck should sacrifice capability for fuel economy, nor do we believe the reverse is true. At Ram, we believe our owners should have the best of both worlds. With the new 2013 Ram 1500, we believe we delivered on that goal.

See how we did it in the next video in our Strength Evolved series, “The Road to 25 Miles Per Gallon.”