Strength Evolved: New 2013 RAM 1500 Video Spotlight: Capability – “A Truck for Every Job”

The excitement we feel at RAM right now can be measured only by the truckload—this weekend we launched the first in a seven-video series spotlighting the innovative features and engineering available on the new 2013 RAM 1500.

In this first video, RAM Chief Engineer Mike Raymond explains how we managed to increase fuel efficiency at no cost to overall capability or power. What’s our secret? You’ll have to watch the video to find out. But here’s a hint, it’s the engine-transmission combo that helps make this a truck for every job.

Stay tuned to RamZone in coming weeks as we launch more 2013 RAM 1500 video spotlights!

  • Nistler

    On the 2013 trucks does the tail gate, when open, line up level with the inside of box ?
    It doesn’t on the 2012. Tailgates laid flat, when open, with the bed of truck since buckboard days. How did you manage to screw up on this detail on the 2012?

  • Nate den Hollander

    i really like it that they put the pentastar and the 8 speed tranny in these trucks. Good for the person who doesn’t need the Hemi and wants a little more efficiency. Let’s admit it….the hemi is not the most efficient engine, and don’t expect it to be when you’re pulling heavy loads.