Not So Roughing it: Camping with Your Ram Truck

We’re deep into spring now and everyone is certainly hoping the Polar Vortex stays away for the rest of the year. It’s time to get your Ram Truck ready for the warmth, and prepare to spend your time in the wild. Without a doubt, Ram Trucks make fantastic camping vehicles.

2013 Ram 1500If you’re more the rugged type, you’ll want to be roughing it in a tent or sprawled out under the stars. All that gear – sleeping bags, camp stoves, foodstuffs and firewood – will fit neatly into the bed of your Ram 1500. Take advantage of the convenient Ram Boxes to make sure things stay dry, throw in some fishing poles, and you’re ready for the ultimate weekend away. Your Ram Truck will also help you find the perfect campsite. Take it off the beaten path and find an untouched spot of turf. Besides you and your friends, the only life you’ll encounter will be the wild type.

Don’t worry; Ram Trucks also cater to the more sophisticated camper. Grab your Ram Heavy Duty and hitch up your trusty camping trailer. The Ram 3500 offers max towing of over 30,000 pounds, so you’ll be able to haul your home-away-from-home anywhere you desire. This is a great option for an extended camping trip, or if you want to travel and see Americas best treasures. Don’t let anyone tell you that luxury camping isn’t really camping at all. You can do it in a Ram Truck.

Do you have any outdoor activities or camping trips planned for the warm weather? Tell us where you’re going in the comments below.

  • Philpaint

    We just bought out first trailer! It’s a 2015 Jayco Eagle 284BHBE!
    We’re looking formard to our 2 week vacation at the start of June

  • Bruce

    Two AZ elk hunts down, and I mean the ram was down! Last year exhaust manifold bolts left side broke, had to replace the head. This years elk hunt the right side went, had to replace the warped exhaust manifold this is/has been a known common problem with the 2011 Ram. Last years AZ javalina hunt, the 4-wheel drive went out, transfer switch, common known problem in the Ram. WHY are these not recalls? My Ram Laramie is the laughing stalk of all hunt camps, hands down. Too bad……….