Real People, Real Trucks | On the Road to 1,000,000 Miles


Chris D. of Dickson, Tennessee, has set a lofty goal for his trusty old Ram Truck. It’s his story we’re featuring in this week’s edition of Real People, Real Stories. Please Enjoy.

I purchased my Ram 1500 in the spring of 1999. It only had around 8 miles on it at the time. The dealership was wonderful, and the people were very nice. My truck has performed better than anything on the road with very little maintenance. I have hauled 3,500 pounds of limestone, pulled many trailers heavily loaded, and carried my family with peace of mind. I have owned many different vehicles over the years and am not a “brand” person, but I am sold on Ram Trucks.

I had the transmission overhauled at 215,000 miles and again at 455,000 miles. I now have 557,000 miles and counting. The engine has never had the oil pan off or the valve covers off. It has the factory starter, alternator, and AC compressor!

My brother, who overhauled the transmission both times, is a Chevrolet man, but he too is extremely impressed by my truck. It’s almost supernatural when we talk about the many things that it has been through. I tell everyone about my truck, and they laugh in disbelief when they hear a 318 gas engine has lasted so long. I am going to attempt 1,000,000 miles on this truck, so you may hear from me again.

We hope we do hear from you again, Chris. Thank you for the kind words and also for your loyalty over the years to Ram Trucks.

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