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vintage ram truck

You never know when or, for that matter, where you’ll come across something interesting. Just ask Scott C. of Littleton, Colorado, who, on a recent work trip to Turkey, found an old Dodge truck the likes of which he’d never seen.

I was on a mine site tour in Balya, Turkey, (western Anatolia) in October and saw this beautiful old Dodge truck. This model was obviously never produced for the US market, and I had never seen one like it. But wow, is it cool! One of the long-term employees told me the vehicle had never left the mine site. The interior was still in great shape and fully intact. Unfortunately, I have no idea what year it is or what lies under the hood.

Thanks for sharing this great find, Scott. We agree—it’s a very cool truck!

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  • Faruk

    That series was produced specifically for turkey. İts original.

  • HotDogZanzibar

    That’s a Chrysler Sanaya, joint venture in Turkey from 1962 on. The also made Hinos with Toyota.

    More info: