Reader-Submitted Story: “The dog, a man and his truck”

Last week we asked RamZone readers to share their best RAM Truck stories. This week we’re pleased to post our first reader-submitted offering. It comes from Chris Kanofsky of Orland Hills, Illinois.

My favorite truck story probably has to do with Timber, my white shepherd. When I would come home from a long day at work, she would not only be happy to see me, but my truck too. She would love to sit in the front seat or across my lap with her head out the window catching the air. She would not have a care in the world when driving in our ‘03 RAM 2500 Quad Cab! Whether it be squirrels or other dogs, they did not compete for her attention during our rides in the truck. The dog, a man and his truck—what a beautiful thing.

We couldn’t agree more, Chris, and that’s why we chose yours to be the first story in this new blog series. Nice work!

As a reminder, please submit your RAM story here or by clicking the “Real People. Real Trucks.” button located to the right of this post.