Reader-Submitted Stories – “The Best Kind of Family Heirloom”

One Ram, four owners, three generations—today’s reader-submitted story gives new meaning to the term family heirloom. It comes to us from Sharon Chamberlain of Sayre, PA. Take it away, Sharon!

This 1975 Ram D200 may not be the prettiest or the fastest, but it’s definitely in the running for the most loved. The truck was purchased brand new in 1975 by my parents for my father. He loved this truck enough to keep it and baby it along until 1995 when he passed on. At that time my mother gave it to my husband; we kept it for years until we gave it to a younger cousin. Well, last year our Ram came home. It is now in the possession of my oldest son. He graduated from high school in 2011, and the cousin gave it back to him. It’s a little rough, and the engine has a cracked head. But my son and his brother Shaun have the dream of getting Grandpa’s truck back on the road. My dad would be so proud!

We’re proud, too, Sharon, proud that for nearly forty years Ram Trucks has been part of your family. That’s a big deal in our book!

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