Reader-Submitted Stories – Ramping Up on Awesome

For the next installment in our Real People, Real Trucks series, we’re Ramping up the awesomeness with one great photo and one great story sent in by two separate Ram fans.

The photo, submitted to our Ram Facebook page, was taken by Anthony Helms and is one of the more interesting uses for a Ram we’ve seen in recent weeks (moving an old smokehouse). As for the story below, it was sent in by Jonathan Mack of Chula Vista, California, who tells us about the first truck he ever owned.

My first-ever Ram was a 2002 1500 4.7L with 24-inch rims and a custom paint job. I also used my truck to move furniture and put big things in the back of it. From the moment I bought my first Ram, I knew that it was the only kind of truck I ever wanted to have. I drove my Ram all the way from San Diego, CA, to Houston, TX, and I never had a problem with it. I know that I can always rely on the Ram for whatever job I need to get done. Thanks to Ram for making such an awesome truck!

You’re welcome, Jonathan. Thanks for your continued support!

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