RamZone Tips for Exterior Finish

The thing about a Ram Truck is that it always looks good. However, there are two times when the truck looks especially tough—when it’s covered with mud fresh from a trip off-road (see above), and just after it’s been washed, waxed, and is shining like new.

With that in mind, we’re offering up a few friendly reminders regarding the proper way to wash your Ram. When cared for properly, your Ram Truck will retain a sharp, like-new look sure to turn not just heads, but the previously non-initiated into lifelong Ram fans.

  • Wash as often as your truck needs it – No one would suggest you wash your Ram every day, or even every week, but it’s important to note that regular washing will indeed keep your truck looking pristine. Among other benefits, washing removes dirt, grit, dust, pollutants, and hazardous material (aka bird droppings) that will in time and if left alone adversely affect the finish of your truck.
  • Only use products designed for cars & trucks – All soap is not created equal, or, rather, all soap is not created to do the same job. While dish detergent might be just the thing to cut through bacon grease, when used on a vehicle, it can have the unwanted consequence of stripping away wax. In this and in all jobs, be sure to use the right tools. The initial investment for the right kind of soap, wax, etc., will be worth it in the long run, both in terms of how your car looks (great!) and how long the finish stays good (years!).
  • Dry thoroughly – Using a clean cotton towel or shammy to dry your Ram after washing will help prevent against the formation of water spots. These blemishes occur when water evaporates and leaves behind a mineral residue. More than just looking bad, the excess minerals can, in time, do harm to the paint.
  • Wax poetic – Waxing your truck will keep it looking shiny and new. It will also help maintain a protective barrier between the finish and certain harmful elements of the environment, including dirt, dust, and the sun. In fact, you can think of wax as a kind of sun screen for your Ram.
  • Find a spot in the shade – Unless you drive only at night (or in an Alaskan winter), the sun will in time take a toll on your truck’s finish. This is true despite all preventative measures, which drastically slow the rate of sun damage but cannot arrest it completely. To slow the rate even more, take steps to keep your Ram out of direct sunlight as much as possible. Park in the shade, a garage, or carport. Think about covering your truck when, for whatever reason, it will be sitting unused in the driveway for extended periods of time.

Remember, the best part about a clean truck is the chance to get it dirty again. To that end, your friends at Ram say, have fun out there!