RamZone Pro Tips: Summer Paint Care

2013 Ram 1500Summer, one could argue, is the greatest season for owning a Ram truck. Whether taking family trips, towing your boat, your waverunner or quad, or just doing a little off-roading, the warm weather is just more fun with a Ram Truck involved.

But here’s the catch: An increase in activities like these also means that your truck’s paint is likely to take its fair share of punishment—mud, water and sand can all have an effect on your truck’s finish. Luckily, with proper care, you can keep your truck looking as new as the day you drove it off the dealer’s lot. To help make that happen, here are a few quick tips from your friends at RamZone.

Wash It Often

Removing surface debris is a great start to your paint care regimen. Loose particles can cause tiny scratches in your clear coat over time. This can increase the likelihood of rust damage and diminish your truck’s appearance. It’s also important to note that if you’re washing your truck yourself, you should do so in a cool, shaded area. Direct sunlight can cause uneven drying, resulting in a blotchy appearance.

Spend Time Drying

Drying is a crucial last step in the cleaning process. Drying with a cotton towel allows you to remove any leftover dirt or mineral deposits that might have been left behind after your wash and rinse. It also ensures that you have a road-ready finish when you’re done.


Waxing creates a barrier between your paint and the environment, protecting it from scratches and fading. High-quality waxes can be used on your entire truck and have the added benefit of decreasing your paint’s temperature, which helps improve paint longevity.

Keep It Out of the Sun

The sun is the biggest enemy of your truck’s finish. It can cause fading, cracking and an overall dulling of the truck’s paint job. Whenever possible, keep your truck in the shade, garage or carport. Your paint will thank you.

These tips should help you keep your truck looking great for years to come. In the meantime, stay tuned to RamZone for more tips from Ram Trucks.

  • roberta

    We purchased a 2014 Ram 1500 Quad Cab towards the end of June 2014 from Holt Ram dealership in Arlington, TX. When we made the decision to purchase the truck it was late in the day and the truck was dirty from sitting in the field behind the dealership. It was about a week or so later that I noticed the paint on pretty much the entire passenger side of the truck is blotchy (light, dark, light, dark, etc.). It really stands out when the sun is shining. Needless to say we are a bit upset to have purchased a brand new truck with a bad paint job. It should never have left the factory looking like it does. Where is quality control? It should be an embarrassment to the Chrysler Group. We have owned 8 Dodge/Plymouth/Ram vehicles (currently have 3) and have never had this problem. I emailed the sales lady at the dealership, and sent pictures, to find out what could be done to make it right and she has not responded. Chrysler needs to step up and make this right.

  • Walt

    Purchased a black 2014 2500 Ram in Sept. 2014. Bought many vehicles personally and for our business. Never have I owned a vehicle
    with a paint finish this bad. Chrysler is a joke, I will never purchase another.