Ram’s Fuel-Saving Tips and the Ram C/V – Two Ways Business Owners Can Save on the Bottom Line

We’ve all heard the old adage that time is money. But for small-business owners, especially those who make a living by delivering products and mobile services, fuel is money, too. Saving on gas can make a big difference to the bottom line. To get the most savings, your friends at RamZone have two general recommendations.

The first is to operate a fuel-efficient vehicle that can still get the job done, something like the 2012 Ram C/V. With an EPA estimated 25 mpg on the highway and 144.4 cubic feet of cargo space, the Ram C/V is a smart choice for small-business owners who have lots of deliveries and need them done efficiently. Add to that the current incentives, and the Ram C/V becomes an even more economical way to go.

Our second recommendation for saving fuel is, simply, to be a smart driver. In order to entice a few extra miles from every tank, Ram suggests taking the following easy steps, which, in time, can lead to substantial savings at the pump.

  • Keep your vehicle in fighting shape –That is, check your oil often and change it on time. Keep your tires properly inflated. Be sure to change your filters when they need it. These steps will not only extend the life of your vehicle, they will help you make a gallon of fuel go farther.
  • Plan your delivery route accordingly – A fully loaded van means that business is good. However, it also means added weight and that affects your average fuel economy. To reduce the effects of extra weight, try to make the closet deliveries first so that you do the least amount of driving with the heaviest load.
  • Drive the speed limit – The faster you drive the more fuel you burn. That’s true on the highway and in the city as well, where heavy traffic and more lights means frequent stopping and acceleration, two things that can have a negative effect on your fuel economy.