Rambox® Keeps Your Stuff Safe, Secure

Have valuables on board? Rest assured—even roving bands of Old West-style outlaws (see video below) are no match for Rambox®.

It isn’t enough that we made the class-exclusive, award-winning Rambox® Cargo Management System big and waterproof, with room enough for tons of tools, sporting equipment, or 240 icy-cold 12 oz. cans of soda, we knew we had to make it lockable as well. Why? The idea was not to keep respected auto writers locked inside—in fact, there’s a safety release mechanism to prevent that very thing from happening. The idea was to keep would-be troublemakers where they belong: safely away from the possessions you care for most.

Remember, at RAM, we value what you value. Rambox® is just another way of proving that it’s true.