Ram Trucks Year of the Farmer Photo Book Contest: Enter Now

Plowing Ahead for the Support of Our FarmersWhen Ram Trucks declared this the Year of the Farmer, we knew that no single voice or entity, not even one as hardworking as Ram Trucks, could do justice to something as vast and important as the story of the American farmer.

It was for this reason that we partnered with the FFA*, Farms.com and Case IH, and also why we called in a crack team of guest bloggers, tasking everyone with the same mission: to help us raise awareness of the values, ideals and simple pleasures associated with the farming way of life.

Even with incredible support from our partners, and despite our own concerted efforts, we feel we can still do more to honor the American farmer and to tell the story of the American farm—and that’s where you come in.

Ram Trucks is asking for photos taken by you that represent the story of farming in the United States. The photos will be collected in an online gallery with the hope—scratch that, with the knowledge—that all of them together will reveal something special about life on the American farm.

Please note that the photographers of the best images will be rewarded for their good eye.

Here’s how to participate:

  1. Upload your image to Instagram or Twitter with #KeepPlowing or #GodMadeAFarmer hashtags.
  2. Click the link from Ram Trucks in your Instagram photo comments or Twitter direct messages.
  3. Find your photo in our online gallery by searching for your Instagram username or Twitter handle.
  4. Click “Claim Image” and complete the registration for a chance to win.

Visit the online gallery now for inspiration.

*The FFA letters are registered trademarks of the National FFA Organization and used under license.

  • Will Slone

    I posted a picture via twitter and received the link as advertised however after following the link I am unable to “claim my picture” I have attempted numerous times with no avail. Is there any other way? Thanks!

    • Debbie Lyons-Blythe

      Will, I just figured out how to claim my image…I was capitalizing the first letter of my instagram user name! You have to type the username that you use for twitter or instagram in exactly right. For twitter, use the @ sign, too. Hope that helps!

    • Hi Will. Let us know if Debbie’s advice worked for you. If not, we’ll see what we can do to help you claim your picture. Thanks!

      ~RamZone Team

  • Paul Lyman

    hi there

  • Paul Lyman

    hey I was hoping somebody could help me out ive been trying to claim my image and cant seem to figure it out I posted a picture on instagram but I cant seem to find where to type my name in to find my image and claim it, help please!!!