Ram Trucks Vintage Photo Friday | Part V (1981–1987)

1982 Dodge D150

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  • EJ Hammertoe

    ROK, I just bought a bone stock 1983 /84 Ram Custom 100 ,the slant 6,base model.
    I don’t get where the Custom comes from.Could it be the tasteful use of woodgrain around the
    the rudimentary guages? Maybe the cool sunvisor mounted over the windshield? Although it was painted
    in matching chocolate brown,like the rest of the truck.
    It only has two of the four hubcaps left,they are kinda custom
    looking…. sort of.OK….it does have the silver rams head hood ornament in plastic, that I had to take off
    so it didn’t get stolen.I will put it back on in the springtime (that should bring it closer back to the Custom monkier!)
    And I really shouldnt complain,I mean I bought it from a 84 year old gentleman that took very good care of it.It has a cap,alot of new
    parts,absolutely no body rust or rot,original paint, gold decal pinstripes mint interior, original carpet,ashtray never used and the list goes on and on.
    Hard to find any 30 y/o inspectable running pick up in the northeast….
    …for $1200 dollars.
    Now I should try and find the other two matching hubcaps, then it will
    truely be a truck worthy of being called a RAM Custom 100!!