Ram Trucks Vintage Photo Friday | Part III (1945-1959)


1946 Power Wagon

Ready your time machines, RamZone readers—it’s time once again for Ram Trucks Vintage Photo Friday, a five-part photo series we created to showcase a wonderful cache of heritage photos that recently came into our hands.

In Part I of the series, we featured images of vehicles beginning in 1918 and ending in 1935. In Part II, we continued where we left off, featuring photos of vehicles from the mid-1930s up to 1941. Today we move from the late 1940s into the 1950s, what some people consider to be the golden age of vehicle design.


1946 Dodge Ambulance


1947 Dodge Truck


1948 Dodge Truck


1949 Dodge 2.5-Ton Stake Truck


1949 Dodge Truck


1953 Dodge Truck


1959 Dodge Sideswept

Did you (or do you now) own one of these classic forerunners to the modern Ram truck? Let us know! Leave your story in the comments section below.




  • Stephanie Amiot

    need help finding original 1948 dodge truck side mirror brackets. Please help! samiot.85@gmail.com