Ram Trucks Heritage: The Fighting Trucks Era

Ram-Trucks-Heritage-Fighting-Trucks-EraWith the bombing of Pearl Harbor in 1941, the United States was hurled into war on two fronts. The American government had a sudden need for war materials, and Chrysler answered the call.

While most of the press talked about tanks and aircraft, the real workhorses of the war were Dodge trucks. During World War II, Dodge produced 397,209 trucks to support the Allied war effort.

While most instantly recognize the Willys Jeep as one of the most iconic World War II vehicles, it’s interesting to note that Dodge trucks actually led our troops into battle before our friends at the Jeep brand joined the war effort. A valuable light reconnaissance vehicle, the Willys Jeep was a formidable off-road vehicle. However, they left most of the heavy lifting up to the Dodge Fighting Trucks.

Dodge trucks served many purposes during the war. They acted as troop and equipment carriers, ambulances, small weapons carriers and reconnaissance vehicles. Some modified trucks were even used as command cars carrying the military’s top brass back and forth from the front lines.

As the war drew to an end, the reputation for proven durability and dependability that Dodge trucks earned in battle came home with American soldiers. This led the Chrysler Corporation to introduce a civilian model based on its four-wheel-drive military workhorse. In 1945, Dodge began producing the Power Wagon.

Returning troops made Dodge trucks fly off lots, and we’re proud to share heritage with these awesome fighting vehicles. Some of that heritage lives on today.

The Power Wagon name lives on in today’s Ram Trucks. Our Ram 2500 Power Wagon is an outstanding off-road truck. You can learn more about the Ram Power Wagon at www.ramtrucks.com.