Ram Trucks Contest: Enter for a Chance to Win $15,000 in Bosch Power Tools

Ram Trucks Contest: Enter for a Chance to Win $15,000 in Bosch Power Tools

Update, 6/26/13: The Tools for the Job Blog Search is now officially over. Readers still interested in locating the hidden and hyper-linked words are welcome to do so. However, please know that it is no longer possible to enter the contest, and that the reward for completing the blog search is now the satisfaction of a job well done.

Sell enough Ram trucks and you begin to notice that members of the truck-buying public share certain important characteristics. Ram truck owners are consistently hard working, for example. Many are business owners and, as such, they understand how the right tool (Bosch Power Tools) or the right truck (Ram Trucks) can affect the bottom line for the better. They do the JOB right the first time and always see their tasks through to the end.

Above all, Ram truck owners are people who do not shy away from a challenge, whether the reward is the simple satisfaction of a job well done or something much more significant—several thousand dollars’ worth of Bosch Power Tools, for instance.

To be exact, the number we have in mind is $15,000, and it refers to the value of each of the three grand-prize Bosch Power Tool packages to be awarded in the Tools for the Job Blog Search, a contest and word-find game brought to you by Ram Trucks, Bosch Power Tools and Chrysler Commercial Vehicles.

Tools for the Job Blog Search

The object of the game is simple. Participants must identify six hidden and hyperlinked key words in a series of blog posts appearing on two blogs—RamZone and The Working Blog. When all key words have been identified, participants must unscramble the secret phrase and then submit it to a microsite reachable only from the last post in the series.

Here’s a step-by-step look at how the game works:

  1. Somewhere in this post, we’ve hidden the first word in the scrambled phrase.
  2. This word is a hyperlink to the blog post where the next secret word is hidden.
  3. To identify the secret word, you’ll need to read through the post and find the next CAPITALIZED and hyperlinked word.
  4. This word will take you to the blog post where the next word is hiding.
  5. The process repeats itself until you have found all six hidden words.
  6. Be sure to keep track of the words along the way, as you will need to unscramble them to figure out the secret phrase.
  7. Click on the final hyperlinked word to submit the secret phrase and to register for your chance to win the Bosch Tool $15,000 grand prize.

Did you miss the first hidden word? If so, head to the top of the page and begin reading again. Be sure to keep your eyes open for a CAPITALIZED and hyperlinked word. Good luck and have fun.

Read the official rules for complete details. Contest ends 6/23.

  • laurie nemeth

    where is the words I need to unscramble?

  • regina elliott

    im wondering that myself

  • L. WIlliams

    You need to get the all cap hyperlinks and click them. Each one takes you to a different page where there is another work in all caps. Once you have clicked all 6 works you have to make a phrase out of it.

  • mybaddodge

    I hate fords I hate fords I hate fords

    • Kevin C

      Ditto….had 2 and never ever again.