Is Your Ram Truck Ready for Winter?

2014 Ram 1500Winter is on its way, but we bet that doesn’t faze you. You’re a Ram Truck owner, ready for whatever nature throws at you. Your Ram Truck is equally up to the challenges of tough winter weather—with just a tiny bit of maintenance and preparation.

Advanced, late-model vehicles like Ram Trucks don’t require extensive winterizing like trucks of old. Simply review your owner’s manual and service records and make sure your maintenance schedule is up to date. Check all your under-the-hood fluids, giving the engine coolant protection level special attention. Inspect your tire pressures and tread wear, and/or install winter tires if you use them. From there, you’re pretty much good to go.

How are you set for winter road emergencies? Some drivers like to be prepared for virtually anything, while others take a less rigorous approach. Here are a few ideas to get you started: jumper cables, tow strap, first aid kit, blankets, bottled water, energy bars—and so on. Your on-board supply list can be as basic or as comprehensive as your needs dictate. One item that’s indispensable when driving in bad weather: a cell phone. And grab a mobile charger or an extra battery to take along.

Before winter arrives is also an excellent time to give the windshield wipers and washers a thorough inspection. Replace worn wiper blades, check the washer nozzles for proper aim and delivery, and fill the washer fluid bottle with winter-grade windshield solvent. It doesn’t hurt to pick up an extra gallon to stow in the cab. We’ve all tried it both ways, and this we know: Winter driving is far more relaxing and enjoyable when we’re looking through a nice, clean windshield.

Want to know how Ram Trucks prepares for winter? With rigorous vehicle testing, of course. See just how rigorous our testing can be by visiting our Extreme Weather Testing blog post.

  • claudine mann

    Having a car that can stand all kinds of weather is invaluable. No wonder vehicle testing is done through load cell calibration to improve standards. I commend you for working intensively to produce better vehicles.