Ram Truck Month is back for 2013

Ram Truck Month is back for 2013

Question: Why is February Ram Truck Month?

Answer: Because Ram Truck Day just wouldn’t cut it—there are far too many positive things happening with the Ram Truck brand to be confined to just 24 hours. From the release of the award-winning 2013 Ram 1500 to the birth of Ram Commercial to the unveiling of the new Ram ProMaster (Ram Trucks’ answer to the full-size cargo van), the Ram brand is on track to make the year ahead its most historic year to date.

To celebrate, the Ram brand is offering a number of incentives. Visit the Incentives & Offers page on RamTrucks.com to see how you can save on a new 2012 or 2013 Ram Truck. But first, please watch the video below for a reminder of all the hard work, sweat, guts, and glory that goes into every Ram Truck we build.

Tell us—how do you plan to celebrate Ram Truck Month?

  • TeamRinaldi

    What a great idea! I’ll run right out and buy the 2013 Ram 3500 that I need! Wait, wait. No I won’t. Because I can’t. The dealer tells me maybe I can get one sometime in June, but they’re not sure. Is Ram not planning on making the 3/4 and 1 ton trucks anymore? All I ever hear anymore is how great the 1/2 ton is, and how awesome the 1/2 ton diesel is going to be. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure they’re great. And I love what Ram wants to do. I’m just not going to wait until next year to get a truck, and I don’t know how many other people will either. If nothing else at least let us know if they’re still going to build them, and if I’ll be able to get it in the next 6 months.