Ram Summer Tour – Next Stop: Anybody’s Guess

To date, the Ram Summer Tour has stopped in three cities—first Nashville, then Milford, Connecticut, and then, most recently, in Baltimore, Maryland, where host Kristy Lee Cook visited with Ram Brand President & CEO Fred Diaz at the Second Annual Under Armour Freedom Day, a wonderful event benefiting the Wounded Warrior Project.

At this point in the contest, especially sleuth-like Ram fans might be trying to identify a pattern by analyzing the route of the previous Tour stops. To that we say good luck. There’s only one surefire way to get clued in on where the Ram Summer Tour is heading next, and that’s by watching Kristy Lee Cook in the video below.

RamZone Update: Wow, lots of great guesses, everyone. Keep them coming! Just be sure to also submit your guess to the Ram Summer Tour tab on Ram’s Facebook page. You can find it by clicking here.

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  • shes headed to west point mississippi

  • Reconarmor117

    West Point, MS

  • shes headed to west point mississippi

  • Blastmaster27

    west point mississippi

  • Sprayinss04

    Columbus, Georgia

  • Haas Outdoors Inc200 East Main Street, West Point, MS

  • Zysmith

    Jackson, MS

  • west point mississippi

  • West Point, Mississippi

  • Jeremy Stierwalt

    West Point, Mississippi

  • West Point, Mississippi

  • West Point, Mississippi  

  • Jman2891

    West Point, MS

  • Nckat276

    West Point, Miss.

  • Pcolombus910

    West Point, MS.

  • West Point Mississippi…. Hope I win, I have a 03 Dodge Ram 1500 and got it new, and it has givin me troubles since 1 month after purchase. It now sits in my yard broke down yet again..Sure could use the replacement to make up for it, Just sayn.

    • If you started having trouble a month after you got it, why did’nt you take it back? I’ve got an ’04 1500 5.7 Hemi 4dr, 4×4, with 90,000 on it. I’ve replaced lower ball joints, and rear driveshaft u-joints. One time. 1 weekend a month it pulls a gooseneck trailer hauling a 94 cherokee, and a 68 bronco, plus extra parts & tools to an offroad park in MO, or IL..  

  • West Point MS

  • Brucefon

    West Point, MS

  • mastershots


  • Tom Ingalls

    West Point, Miss. Home of Mossy Oak Camo!!

  • josh salvesen

    st louis missouri is next

  • Fuzz365

    West point , ms

  • Dajosher69

    Tallahassee FL,

  • Deb Gustafson

    West Point, Mississippi headquarters of Haas Outdoors Inc

  • Barwick David

    Kodak TN!  Give me a RAM.  I’ve got some haulin’, mud slingin’, boat pullin’ and romancin’ to do!

  • West Point, MS

  • West Point, MS…

  • Jerammy31

    West Point, MS

  • Tyler

    West point Mississippi

  • West Point MS home of Mossy Oak!

  • Treven McCaskey

    West Point, MS

  • Mccarthyrenee

    West point mississippi

  • West Point, MS.  Pick up some gear for us when your there and say hey to Toxey Haas for me.

  • Jrogers_43

    West point,Mississippi that’s where she’s headed.

  • Kbshotspot

    i love my dodges as well as all mopars.who else thinks there should be a mopar 13 as a truck.i recomend daytona pickup with 392 hemi

  • Dewayne Thorne

    Columbus Ga

  • Objects

    West point,Mississippi that’s where she’s headed.

  • Nancy Reid

     West Point, MS

  • Joe

    West Point, MS

  • West Point, MS

  • Mike Wilson

    West point mississippi..

  • Ladyvrod

    The Ram tours next stop is: Raleigh, NC.   My second guess is Rochester, NY.

  • Stockpilesrus

    west pOINT IN ms :):):)

  • West Point, Mississippi !!

  • usmeasurementinc.com

    Ft. Bragg North Carolina?

  • Shelby

     West Point MS

  • Jrccat65

    west point   ooh rah

  • Chrisy

    West Point MS

  • Wkrutz

    West Point

  • Jcs98177

    west point MS

  • William McGarrah

    West Point, MS

  • West Point,MS…it’s gotta be Mossy Oak Camo !

  • Rob Simmons

    West Point, Mississippi

  • west point ms, mmmm camo 🙂

  • GunsmithBen

    West Point, Mississippi

  • CathyF

    West point ms

  • Chefmike57

    West Point Mississippi Of course!

  • al

    Columbus, Georgia

  • Scott

    West point, MS

  • Ram Zone

    Wow, lots of great guesses, everyone. Keep them coming! Just be sure you also submit your guess to the Ram Summer Tour tab on Ram’s Facebook page. You can find it by clicking here.

  • Jim Brady

    West Point, Ms

  • Crazyonesmith3227


  • West Point Missippi

  • lamont

    new york city

  • west point ,ms

  • Mathp

    west point mississippi

  • michael coad

    west point  ms home of my favorite camo !

  • Gearied F. Hitchcock III

    west point MO home of mossy oak camo

  • Gearied F. Hitchcock III

    West Point Missippi home of  Mossy Oak camo

  • Zragu1

    West Point Mississippi. 

  • Samuel Sili

    I’m guessing West Point MS

  • brand of what?

  • michael petru

    west point miss.

  • Smeggory

    west port ms

  • West Point MS

  • Dennisbaxter

    West Point MS

  • Rich


  • TheCelticSeer

    Santa Ana. Ca  Home of Cal-Trend Camo for Ram Seat Covers

  • TheCelticSeer

    West Point Mississippi home of Mossy Oak Camo

  • Pondpirate

    west point, miss

  • some where


  • west point, ms

  • Fayetteville, NC

  • Ft. Worth, Texas

  • Mack’s Prairie Wings Stuttgart Arkansas

  • Columbus Ga, home of RealTree camo!

  • headed to west point MS.

  • strikeout

    westpointe ms

  • West Point MS 🙂

  • jerseyirish

    West Point,MS…Mossy Oak Camo !

  • sparky313

    west point ms