Ram Stories of Glory – Second Runner-Up

Was it a Ram like this that carried away Boomer’s home run?
(Photo from Ram files)

In recent weeks we announced the grand prize winner and first runner-up in the Ram Stories of Glory contest. This week we’re continuing the trend by announcing the second runner-up. Congratulations to Boomer Vaughan, whose story was a real grand slam for those keeping score.

When I was 12, I hit my first grand slam. It was the bottom of the 4th, and my team was losing 4 to 1. It was the state playoffs, and I was up to bat. The bases were loaded and the announcer called my name, “Next up to bat, Boomer Vaughan!” The fans cheered me on knowing that there was a chance for me to hit a grand slam.

The next thing I know the count was full. The next pitch was right where I wanted it, a little high and a little inside. My eyes grew wide and then I heard my bat make contact with the ball. DING! The ball soared and I knew it was over when I made contact. The ball carried over one fence, then went over the security fence. It flew across the road, into the bed of a truck, and then down Elm Street. No lie about Elm Street. That was my first grand slam, and it was good.

Thanks for sharing, Boomer. The only thing that could have made this story better is if it was a Ram Truck that carried your home run ball down Elm Street!