Ram Power Wagon | How to Work Your Winch, Part 2: Double Line Pull


Last week on RamZone we wrote about the Warn winch on our Ram Power Wagon. We outlined the equipment included with our most capable off-road truck and gave you step-by-step instructions on how to execute a single line pull. The single line pull is a great technique, but it’s only one of two commonly used options. In today’s blog post, we take a look at another option, the double line pull.

The double line pull is great for when you’re stuck in deep, thick mud over your tires. The doubling of the line and the use of a pulley called a snatch block effectively doubles the amount of force your winch can exert. This allows you to get out of those extra-sticky situations.

Double Line Pull

You’ll want to follow all the safety precautions that you followed when you performed the single line pull. Securing a strong anchor point and proper connection to the anchor are still important before you begin your pull.

You’ll start preparation for your double line pull by feeding enough wire rope off the winch drum to free your winch hook. Once you have freed the hook you’ll want to attach it to your vehicle’s frame or tow hook. After you’ve attached the hook to your vehicle, run the wire rope through the snatch block. Next you’ll want to pull out enough wire rope to reach your anchor point. Use the snatch block to pull the wire. Secure the snatch block to your anchor point using a tree protector or choker chain. Connect both ends to the clevis. Tighten the clevis while being careful not to over-tighten. With a solid anchor and proper rigging you should be back on the road in no time.

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