Ram “Farmer” Ad Earns Top Rank in Ad Blitz 2013 Contest

Ram “Farmer” Ad Earns Top Rank in Ad Blitz 2013 Contest

One two-minute commercial with more than 18 million views in less than a month—how do you put that number in perspective? Here’s one way. It would take a single person 36 million minutes to accrue the same number of views. That’s the equivalent of spending 600,000 hours, 25,000 days, or 68.5 straight years—nearly an entire lifetime!—on YouTube watching nothing but the Ram Trucks “Farmer” commercial over and over.

Any way you look at it, the “Farmer” commercial has been a success, and that’s not a subjective claim. News broke recently that the ad earned the No. 1 ranking in the 2013 YouTube Ad Blitz, edging out the very well-received Jeep® “Whole Again” spot and other fan favorites as this year’s most popular Super Bowl commercial.

More important than awards, however, is the fact that this commercial has succeeded in its ultimate objective: raising awareness and money for an extraordinary cause. It took only one week for the “Farmer” commercial to reach the pre-established number of total views needed to ensure a $1 million donation from the Ram Brand to the FFA.

For helping us reach this goal, we have you to thank. And even though we’ve reached our goal sooner than expected, please continue to share this video (below) along with the message that the American farmer is worth all the support we can give.

Please visit www.RamTrucks.com/KeepPlowing to learn how you can lend your support to the American farmer.

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