Ram Fans Aim to Set World Record at the Dresden Ram Rodeo

The loyalty of Ram Truck owners has always been legendary. Now here’s your chance to see it set records.

This Saturday, August 25, at the Dresden Ram Rodeo in Ontario, Canada, Ram is attempting to break the Guinness World Record for largest Ram pickup truck parade in history. Success will depend on dedicated Ram Truck owners like you coming out in full force, from both sides of the US-Canadian border. After all, Ram enthusiasm knows no bounds, and this is the next good chance for Ram fans to share their pride with fellow enthusiasts.

For more information on this event, and on the two-day Dresden Ram Rodeo in general, please visit DresdenRamRodeo.com. Ram Trucks owners interested in the world-record attempt can register beginning two days in advance of the parade and as late as the morning of. Cost of registration is $20, with a portion of proceeds going to charity.

Ram owners living too far away to participate should nonetheless stay tuned to the RamZone—if/when the world record is set, we will post a recap of events.