RAM Chief Engineer Mike Raymond, Chat Revisited

Last Friday RAM Facebook fans were invited to chat with Chief Engineer Mike Raymond about all things RAM, particularly the New 2013 RAM 1500. You can find the full transcription of that chat below.

Remember, Mike’s chat was just the first in a multi-part series supporting the release of the New 2013 RAM 1500. Stay tuned to RamZone to learn which senior-level RAM team member you’ll have the chance to chat with next!

3:16 – RAM Team

Hello and welcome to our Engineering A Giant live chat session. This session will focus on the capability of the new 2013 RAM 1500, but we welcome all questions and will do our best to answer as many inquiries as possible. The chat moves quickly so we appreciate your patience as we attempt to answer as many questions as possible in the time we have with our Engineer.

3:17 – Comment from Seth

What is going to be the base price for a 4×4 1500?

3:17 – Mike Raymond

Pricing will be available in the late third quarter. Closer to the on-sale date.

3:19 – Comment from Jason F.

Hi, I was wondering what you all think the MPG ratings are for the V6/8-speed transmission combo.

3:19 – Mike Raymond

We will have best in class V6 and V8 fuel economy. At least 20% better on the V6 than our current truck.

3:24 – Comment from Nick

Will you ever consider a manual transmission option for any of the gas engine trucks?

3:24 – Mike Raymond

Historically the take rates for manuals are low. If there was a change in demand it would be reconsidered for RAM 1500. We are proud to be the only truck company to offer a manual in a HD truck.

3:25 – Comment from Jason F.

So do you all have official MPG stats?

3:25 – Mike Raymond

We are currently still doing official measurements for EPA. Stay tuned.

3:27 – Comment from Joe

Is the air bag suspension a standard feature on all trims?

3:27 – Mike Raymond

Official pricing and feature availability will be released later in the third quarter. Closer to the on-sale date.

3:32 – RAM Team

We’ve answered a lot of great questions. We have our Engineer here for a few more minutes. Keep the questions coming.

3:34 – RAM Team

Did you know that the new 2013 RAM 1500’s suspension lowers a full inch when it reaches 55 mph? This is part of our active aerodynamics system.

3:36 – Comment from Joe

Is there an official color list?

3:36 – Mike Raymond

More information on interior colors, exterior paint, and feature availability will be available closer to the vehicle’s on sale date.

3:41 – Comment from Nick

Is there 4WD available with the V6 truck?

3:41 – Mike Raymond

Yes, the V6 will be available in 4X4. In fact, it will be available on all cab and bed configurations.

3:47 – RAM Team

Did you know that the air suspension offers four user selectable ride height levels from a two inch lowered kneel position to a two inch higher off-road position for a total of four inches of adjustability.

3:53 – RAM Team

Allow us to add something more about our air suspension. When hauling, the suspension will automatically re-level offering a constantly level ride height. This levels the truck to the optimum ride height.

4:03 – RAM TEAM

Thank you for joining our first Engineering A Giant live chat session. You can find a transcript of the full chat as well as answers to some of the questions we couldn’t get to on the RamZone blog. Thank you again for joining our chat and be sure to follow RAM on Facebook and Twitter so you can join us for our next Engineering A Giant live chat!

  • Wow, thanks for telling us nothing!  That was pretty worthless.

  • Spaced

    I believe that only two questions were answered. The rest were TBD at release time. Complete waste of time.
    I wanted to ask why the new projector headlights were not HID’s but I probably already know the answer. Too expensive.