Ram and Dan Patrick, Stories of Glory

Maybe as a kid you tossed three straight perfect games for your little league team, retiring nearly every batter by strikeout. Or maybe you’re the girl who drained 10 of 12 three-pointers to steal the conference championship from despised cross-town rivals. Maybe you ran for more than 400 yards and six touchdowns in a single varsity football game, scoring the last TD on a busted ankle that effectively ended your career.

For every deeply beloved, legendary sports story ingrained in our psyches—the Babe calling his shot, Joe DiMaggio’s 56-game hit streak—there must be a thousand more Stories of Glory that are just as compelling but that happened too far from the national spotlight to garner the recognition they deserve. Well, thanks to our partnership with The Dan Patrick Show, Ram wants to see that your story is told.

In the coming months, we’re giving one as-yet-unknown sports legend an all-expense-paid trip to Connecticut, where he or she will appear on The Dan Patrick Show to be interviewed by Dan. For your chance to win, all you have to do is (a) have an amazing story, one our judges will find more compelling than the rest, and (b) submit it by clicking here or on the Stories of Glory tab to the upper right. Oh, and be sure to read the official rules, because playing by the rules is the first thing they teach you in sports.

Stories not selected for the Grand Prize may still be rewarded with cool swag from Ram and The Dan Patrick Show. More on that in later blog posts.