Ram 2500 Compressed Natural Gas – Production Begins

Just a few days ago the first-ever OEM* trucks to run on compressed natural gas began rolling off the Ram assembly line. Compounding the big event was news that this very truck – the Ram 2500 CNG – would be available not just for fleet operators as originally intended, but could be purchased by the general public as well.

That’s good news for the everyday truck owner looking to reduce operating costs. Compressed natural gas retails on average more than 30 percent lower than gasoline, yet still allows for nearly identical mileage figures. What this means is that a truck powered by CNG will take its owner just as far as any of its gas-powered counterparts – but at a much lower cost! Factor in the fact that CNG reduces smog-producing pollutants by up to 90 percent and the benefits of this truck begin to really add up.

To learn more about the Ram 2500 CNG, check out this walk-around video from the 2012 NTEA Show in Indianapolis. Bear in mind, however, that the video was produced before we knew the truck would be available for everyone. In short, pay no attention to warnings that this is a fleet-only vehicle. In the end, the Ram 2500 CNG might be just the truck for you.

*Original equipment manufacturer