Ram 1500 Rumble Bee Concept Truck | Video Debut

On the morning of August 17, 2013, Ram Trucks revealed its newest concept – the Ram 1500 Rumble Bee – to a crowd of car and truck enthusiasts gathered for the annual event on Woodward Avenue in Metro Detroit. This post was created in conjunction with that event.

Something is very different on Woodward Avenue in Metro Detroit the second weekend of every August. The hustle and bustle of the day-to-day gives way to a sea of classic and custom cars. Cars like the ’60s-era Super Bee line the streets and parking lots as far as the eye can see. So what does this mean for Ram Trucks?

In 2004, Ram Trucks designers took inspiration from the Super Bee to create the original Rumble Bee. Designed as a way to explore what a performance truck could be, the 2004 Rumble Bee was and is an awesome piece of Ram Trucks heritage. It’s only fitting that we’ve chosen Woodward Avenue’s biggest event to make history again.


The new Ram 1500 Rumble Bee concept truck will be truly one-of-a-kind. It will feature a matte Drone Yellow paint job with the iconic black stripe on the bed. Twenty-four inch wheels and an aggressive lowered stance (thanks to King Shocks) will help this bad bee hug the corners. And it just wouldn’t be a Rumble Bee without a little help from our friends at Mopar, who provide special ground effects and a tonneau cover to complement the truck’s sporty look.

For the 10th anniversary we’re proud to give you a brand-new “speed bee” design. The color scheme and detail extend to the interior as well, with colors and patterns based on the Ram RT. Oh, and if you want a little extra rumble, the Rumble Bee comes complete with exhaust cut-outs that unleash the full throaty roar of the 395-horsepower 5.7L HEMI® V8 engine, giving this bee a little more sting.

As of this post, the Rumble Bee is not planned for production. However, the powers that be have not ruled out a production version if there appears to be enough interest. That means if you want to get behind the wheel of one of these bold bugs, you better make a lot of noise. So let’s hear it RamZone readers – who wants a Rumble Bee?










  • Kym

    I have a 2004 and I have enjoyed every minute of attention that this truck brings . I like some of the new updates but the truck design / body isn’t growing on me . Definitely don’t care for the new grill look . But will keep looking at it though , might just grow on me .

  • bobbycanuck

    Build it and we will come!!!!!

  • Jeff Powers

    Don’t waste my time! My 2013 R/T looks way better.

    • Rumblebee5161

      Hey Jeff! Don’t spoil it for the rest if us! Haha! Glad you like your truck though!

      • Ryan Sorrells

        see people like you spoil it for real mopar lovers like us. anyone who supports this truck is crazy. this truck stands for everything mopar dosent. i mean bid wheels a small motor come on people. we need smaller wheels and a big motor and a manual tranny. we use to hold the title to the worls fastest truck i think its time we take it back from those gm wanna be’s!

  • Ride Slow

    Lake pipes and a 6-spd, Rumble This!!

  • TheDarkPhoenix

    I like it alot, but dioes it come in 4 wheel drive??

  • Jon Belanger

    I W-A-N-T O-N-E

  • ray

    I DO

  • Terry

    Put a 392 in it and I would buy one!

  • Rumblebee5161

    Me! Me! Me! I want one! Maybe offer it in black too?

  • rammmmm

    needs the 6.4! i love that matte paint, should offer it as an extra option on the other trucks as well!

  • Mark

    put the electronic shift in center console like grand cherokee and it will sell. right now nobody likes the dial shift in a truck. truck getting unstuck with one of these shifters. impossible. not an off road experience.

  • Steven B.

    I want one with the Hellcat Motor!!!

  • Steven B.

    They need to shrink the grill by about 2 inches, height wise! Too big!

  • Nathan Kenney

    I will get rid of my chevy tahoe to buy one of these bad boys. And I would probably buy a second to make a specialty truck.

  • Steven B.

    While I’m being a picky beggar, how about some nice 17 inch wheels, I’m not in a rap video! I want to hug the turns but not jar over every little bump!

  • Blaise

    I’ll take one in black, like my ’04.

  • Yoda

    Why why why didn’t you put the 6.4 in it!? This performance truck can’t even compete with an extended cab 6.2 Chevrolet. I own a 2012 Ram Express and was looking forward to trading it in for this truck, but it’s pointless since it holds the same engine!

  • Pam

    I’ll take one just the way it sits I have a 2004 Durango and it’s getting alot of miles on it, I love the dodge product’s.

  • Chris

    They wouldn’t but the 6.4 in it if you knew anything about chryslerfamily they would put the v10 in this truck and think about doing that before the 6.4

  • CW Texasboy

    cannot wait to see thison the show room floor and take for a test drive. would love one in my driveway

  • squat

    I would buy one….

  • Mr.B

    I would love it, sold my 2005, I miss my be

  • rj

    that would blow anything from everyone else away!!!!!!

  • belligerentidiot

    Someone want a 06 SRT10? This is a niiiice pickup. 4wd option? AWD?

  • 04 Ram guy

    AWSOME ! Bring it on !

  • Don Casper

    four wheel drive option please

  • David Joseph Trevizo


  • Mark Pringle

    You need to make a four door version please.

  • Paul Big-Elf Eddards

    That thing is a beast make a four door version and it will sell like nothing the only thing i would change if i had one was some smaller rims keep the large rubber…but people will by this if it goes out to the market

  • AZ Rammer

    Its so awesome. I wish I wouldve waited to buy a new ram. I may have to trade in for it.

  • Carl

    come on Chrysler the 5.7 is a good engine that 5.7 is not going
    to cut it up against the Ford Raptor with the 6.2 and the Silverado ss 427
    I love mopar but yall need to come to up to speed with the engine 6.4 6.4 6.4 6.4 6.4 6.4 6.4 6.4

  • Chris Hom

    give the bug a bigger stinger! 392 would be a nice start, mopar has the engine! why not use it?!

  • SteelerBee43

    I want one…bigger engine tho ,,,,had a 2005 second swarm Bee,,,miss her so bad,,,,,

  • fortknox82

    Ive owned nothing but Mopars all my life and have had hemi rams and Dakota r/ts and loved them all. But if you are going to do this Rumble Bee right and you are offering the 6.4L in the Ram lineup anyways you should put it in. Or at least make it an option! Toss a little cam in that 6.4 so it makes some awesome torque and around 450hp and at least you would have a nice toy to play with.

  • Floyd Fernandez

    Vroom vroom!!!!! Power of a RAM!!!

  • DirtyD4

    Oh my, i may get rid of my Daytona if i could get my hands on one of these

  • Ed Hughes

    I was at the unveiling, at 13mile Rd and Woodward Ave this truck is beautiful in person photos, don’t do
    it justice

  • Jim Kropp

    How about the Little Red Wagon that was also at Woodward, beautiful truck, remove the wood bed and add a 6-speed. Make it fast and cheap with a hell-of-a drive train like the original muscle cars. So I can replace my V8/5speed Dakota, got to have the manual

    Jim Kropp

    • Lhemi

      Go to Ram Forum and check out the Punisher R/T 1 of 1 it’s my build and it’s way sicker that this yellow stock truck….

  • Ralph Bosco

    Bring it on. The Ram brand needs something new and exciting just please put the 392 in it.

  • George Westenbarger

    We need more of this to bring Detroit back!
    But if dodge keeps the price in line they will sell tons of them
    If there going to let dealer charge 60-85 k for it than it going to be a cool truck
    If it was price right I,ll but one!

  • Anita Ard

    I want one!!!

  • nightrider

    great truck please build it

  • Customers Interested

    I have a few customers that want this …. bring it on!…. Love the new concept look…. Build it…. Customers are waiting!.. 🙂

  • Joe B.

    good looking truck! It would be a lot nicer if it came with a 6.4L HEMI and get rid of those fake / non functional dodge challenger hood scoops..Dodge Ram wants to bring the performance back to rumble bee do it the rite way and put the air grabber hood on it.I think that would look cool going down the road and this hood scoop pops up out of the hood with some nasty looking sharks teeth on it….and make it work with the bigger V8 HEMI,exhaust dumps,and also put a manual 6 speed trans in it…ALL FOR LESS THAN THE R/T .If your gona make a muscle truck you better do it the way dodge did it back in the day Im talking about the 60s and70s…as of now we have the RAM 1500 EXPRESS .

  • QueenBee

    Love love love it, wish it had brighter yellow interior like the previous ones but i want one and as soon as it comes out i want to buy it.

  • Mikie D

    Nice style, cant believe you made a button for the exhaust to get louder lol- When can we expect the Daytona update…I had to remove the spoiler, its in the garage… Need a 4door daytona to match that Rumble Bee

  • thomas alvarez

    Ram rumble bee !!!!

  • Ultracon

    It would be better if they would get rid of the rediculous rotary shifter.

  • Chris1916

    I still luv my 04 Rumble Bee but would luv to see Dodge make Solar Yellow Truck’s available again.

  • Ryan Sorrells

    everyone please look! i hateee chevy so much but this is how you build a truck for the love of god! http://www.trucktrend.com/features/news/2013/163_news131103_2014_chevrolet_silverado_cheyenne_concept_revives_hot_rod_truck/

  • dan mcbroom


  • russ

    dodge needs to bring back the rumble bee, but keep the old decal from 2004 on the rear of the truck and keep the chrome wheels and produce some trucks with the 6.1 hemi with a supercharger and number them again

  • Joni Dixon

    I know it’s just a concept for now. I’m wondering, though, if they will have a four-wheel drive setup option also, like the older ones.

  • Michael

    I own a 2005 Rumble Bee. I love it. But I want this 10th anniversary one more than anything. Its 2015, what are you waiting for?

  • Andres Nieto

    Yes I think this truck would be a good sale of production
    So I would love to have this truck parked on my driveway so I’ll say that’s a yes for me this is really unique truck ford chevy don’t got nothing on the bee so get those machines ready to make a mother load of bees because I want one