Ram 1500 Motor Trend Truck of the Year Victory Lap

We like to brag around here, so unless you’re new to Ram Zone, you’ve probably already heard that the Ram 1500 is the 2014 Motor Trend Truck of the Year. You may have also heard that this is the first time that title has ever been won by the same truck two consecutive years in a row. That’s right: back-to-back Motor Trend Truck of the Year titles for the Ram 1500.

How do you celebrate an accomplishment like this? Take a victory lap, of course.

We started in Detroit at the Ram Truck assembly plant, where we got to take a look at how the new Ram 1500 EcoDiesels are put together. They even look good on the line!

Photo 1

Here it is, all put together. The payload for this Ram 1500 is a handcrafted Motor Trend Truck of the Year trophy. We’ll be showing off for the entire country on the open road.

Photo 2

And we’re off. There was a lot of open road to cover on this trip. We made our first stop in Caro, Michigan, where Ram owner RJ Magiera was keen to show off his truck. Of course, you’re going to be proud when you own a Ram Truck, but knowing you own a two-time champion makes it that much sweeter.

Photo 3

We had a little photo op with the Arch of St. Louis, the Gateway to the West. Seems fitting given the remainder of our route.

Photo 4

After a lot of driving and a little bit of rest, we got an early start with Michael Sweeney, another Ram Truck owner in New Baden, Illinois. He was equally excited to show off his ride.

Photo 5

The Ram Victory Lap left Illinois and headed south to Texas. The Ram 1500 EcoDiesel got to show off big time on this long haul, with lots of miles on the road. Sherman, Texas, was waiting for us when we pulled in to the Hoyte dealership. This guy’s been dealing Ram Trucks for decades and knows his stuff.

Photo 6

He also had his friend show us around his ranch, back up north a bit in Oklahoma. The cattle and donkeys seemed to really take to the Ram Truck.

Photo 7

Good day? Definitely. Also, not finished. Next stop: Tyler, Texas. We visited the home of Randy Staples and checked out both of the Ram Trucks he uses for his irrigation business. After a quick dinner on their back porch, we swung through the Red Dirt Barbecue Fest and met some of the locals.


Photo 8

Photo 9

The crew took a day off to relax in Dallas, then we hit the road westward through Texas and into New Mexico. On the way, we pulled over and caught a train hauling huge wind turbine blades. Kindred spirits.

Photo 10

After a couple more full days on the road, the Ram Victory Lap reached Prescott, Arizona, and the beautiful Watson Lake.

Photo 11

We spent the next morning with Robert Howell and his family. Robert runs a mobile auto glass repair business out of his Ram 1500. That afternoon, we had some fun in the desert.


Photo 12

Photo 13

Back on the road, and we finally made it to California. We met with Travis Hess and saw his custom Ram Truck. Travis works at a Simi Valley body shop.

Photo 14

We wrapped up that evening at Dockweiler Beach, celebrating over 2400 miles driven from Detroit to LA. The Ram 1500 EcoDiesel proved that a new generation of speed and power is truly as capable and efficient as the back-to-back Motor Trend Truck of the Year titles suggest. This is a great country, and there’s no better way to see it than in a Ram Truck.

Photo 15

Interested in more from the Ram Victory Lap? Keep an eye on the Ram Zone as we go deeper into some of our stops. Along with Motor Trend, we’re also giving you a chance to win a Ram 1500. Want to learn more about the Ram Trucks lineup? Take a victory lap of your own with us on our website.

Let us know what kind of trips you’ve taken your Ram Truck on in the comments.